The Trial

The Trial

Harriet strongly recommends having a trial first, as not only does it allow you to try out different looks and products, test you have no reactions or sensitivities to what is being used, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that you can sit back and relax on your big day.

Location of the trial is optional – Harriet welcomes all brides into her home, but can can also travel to your house/choice of location.  This is normally 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding day, but that is just a guideline. It is entirely your decision as to when you would like to book your trial, and Harriet is very flexible to your requirements.

On the day of the trial you will have an informal consultation first to determine your desired look (if you have any images you would like to use as reference please bring them with you). Your skin tone, hair colour, style of wedding dress, and colour scheme on the day are just some of the aspects that are taken into consideration during the consultation.

Having a kit with an extensive range of products allows Harriet to find the perfect look to suit you. This is the occasion where you can try various options and products until you are 100% happy. For this reason there is no time limit on the trial. Harriet will make written notes and take photographs to ensure the decided look is replicated exactly on the wedding day.

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